Jetty fishing trips – Important tips to follow!

Jetty fishing trips – Important tips to follow!

If you love exciting and adventurous activities, then you must try fishing if you haven’t done it yet. Fishing is a unique activity and gives a fantastic experience, which is the primary reason why it is the most popular hobby all over the world.

There are various types of fishing, but one of the most popular ones is jetty fishing. If you live around Galveston, then you can book Galveston jetty fishing trips and enjoy fishing on a jetty along with a fishing guide.

If you haven’t heard about jetty fishing before, then there are some things about it that you must learn.

What is a jetty?

Jetty is a long platform of the structure made on the coastline to stay protected from the waves and tides. It starts from the shore of the water body and goes deep into the water.

It is an excellent spot for fishing, as it makes it easier to place baits and attract more fishes easily. You can easily found sharks, redfishes, and some other fish species around the jetty.

Some important things that you focus on


You must take care of your safety during a jetty fishing trip. You should only stand and start fishing after the captain says you to do so. Captain focuses on finding the safest spot surrounded by jetty, so you must wait. You must keep in contact with the boat with three points so that you won’t fall into the water.

Change the bait

You must have multiple baits during a jetty fishing trip so that if a bait isn’t working, you can change it. You can catch smaller fishes in the area and then use them as a bait to attract bigger fishes easily.