Israeli News worth Checking Out Right Away

Newsrooms in Israel are also limited to just one print publication per subject which means that they need to find ways to distribute it efficiently. In Israel, Muslims make up about 20% of the population while Palestinians make up about 7%. There are also Arab Christians, Druze and other faiths in Israel. These three groups have been living peacefully with one another for many generations now. This peaceful coexistence could end in the future depending on how things play out with regards to Israel’s occupation of Palestine and the political climate moving forward. In recent years, Israel has been forced to deal with secularism and religious tensions. In the midst of these tensions, a secular society that hides a religious diversity that could emerge in the future. Israel is built on the idea of secularism, but it is actually anything but. It has a large Muslim population that faces oppression and persecution. Israel has had to deal with persecution from its neighbours since the state’s inception. The Palestinians living in Israel are fighting for their land and freedom, which they have been denied for decades. Secularism hides a religious diversity that could emerge in the future if the current political climate doesn’t change. read more