Dragon’s Breath Is New Hottest Pepper – Thrillist

Ed Currie of this PuckerButt Pepper Company climbed the veggies to get a hobby for more than 20 decades, but dedicated his time breeding “weapon calibre peppers” in 2012, he advised the Guinness World Records. The Douglah is characterized by a dark brown/deep purple skin using lots of “pimples” across the surface. Ideas and kinds of salsas and pepper noodles proliferated before the 21st century, even once Campbells Soup Company purchased out Pace Foods (visit Campbell’s background online). A manufacturer in South Carolina grows it. Grown from the UK’s largest manufacturer Salvatore Genovese of chillies. Salvatore includes a farm at Blunham, Bedfordshire in which he also spends his time seeking to make hotter varieties. read more