Saturn V Boattalia Rocket Engine Archives – Green Tea Break

This documentation is published by the Largest Dams channel. Documentation about the Saturn V, the biggest and most powerful rocket ever built (as of 2019, still holds these titles). Why the Saturn V was a three-stage rocket? In the video below, photographer Tim Dodd aka “Everyday Astronaut,” explains why you can’t escape the Earth’s strong gravity with a single-stage rocket. Because you can’t go to space with a single-stage launch vehicle (in fact, you may go, but going to space is one thing, and staying there is another). After the Wright Brothers made their famous flight in 1903, many other aviation inventors and pioneers worldwide created, discovered, and made great strides in aviation. The Soviet Union started their Intercosmos program in 1978 with the first flight of a Czech cosmonaut, Vladimir Remek; the Space Shuttle saw the first non-American fly in 1983, German Ulf Merbold. read more