Want to know about auto sender instagram direct messages

Want to know about auto sender instagram direct messages

One of the better ways to be in touch with the followers on instagram is to send the direct messages. This can be done by using the auto direct sending service, one can send the automatic invitation messages to their new followers, in which you can also send automatic posts to the other instagram account users who are not your followers. In order to send the automatic instagram direct posts to the users you must first change the automatic message sending option in your instagram page settings. If you want you can also visit to the following site to know more information about auto reply messaging set up process in instagram.

Steps for activating the instagram automated messaging sending

The following are simple steps which you need to follow for sending the automated messages to your followers. They are.

  • After activating the auto message service in the instagram you need to visit the direct messages tab and click on new message button.
  • In the new window type the text message which you want to send to your followers
  • Now you should select one option to which you are going to send the auto replay messages in instagram for new followers, all existing followers and new followers by entering their username.
  • Finally you need to click the send button where the messages will be send to the specified followers as per your selection option

To prevent getting block o spam messages in reaching you followers it is best to use the pattern such as {## | ## | ##} in your message https://slide.software/how-to-auto-reply-to-instagram-messages/. When you are using this kind of format then the system will randomly uses any one of the words you have written in the square brackets for each messages. In fact the system will also be converting your text message into the multiple messages and forward it group of followers.